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House Photos: 16th April 2006

16 April 2006

Furniture fitted in front bedroom, en-suite installation tested before tiling, cupboard doors fitted and front of house painted

Film Crew Madness

As i mentioned in my last blog post, we had the film crew from Cheese and Crackers here yesterday.  Andy (producer), Jon Slattery (presenter), Ollie (camera man) and Jamie (sound guy) arrived around midday.  After taking a few panoramic shots of the current state of the building, I was given a wireless microphone and had […]

Building sites, film crew, national tv and me

4 April 2006

What a strange title you may think, but there is a logical reasoning behind it: i am currently living on a building site the film crew is here today the first episode of the series was shown on national tv last night me – well, no explanation is needed here Building Site For those that […]

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