Swansea Graduation Grief

11 July 2008. 1 Comment

Although I have become accustomed to disappointment with my final year at university, graduation arrangements have proved the final straw. Traditionally held in Swansea’s Brangwyn Hall, the graduation is supposed to be the highlight of our university lives. My parents both graduated from Swansea University (or University College, Swansea as it was back then) in […]

MEng Computing with Upper Second Class Hons.

29 June 2008. 1 Comment

After 4 years of lectures, coursework, projects, dissertations and exams, its finally time for me to enter the real world.  My time at Swansea University has come to an end. Just over a week ago I was given the result of all this hard work – a Master of Engineering in Computing with Upper Second […]

Website Accessibility Part 2

3 May 2007

Some of you might remember that I posted an entry back in March about website accessibility and a motion I was raising in the Student General Meeting (SGM) at university. Essentially, the motion was designed to push the Students’ Union and the university to improve the accessibility of their various websites. The first attempt at […]


24 March 2007

Well, unfortunately the Student General Meeting that I talked about in my last blog entry was cancelled at the last minute which means my website accessibility motion didn’t get heard. However, it will be making an appearance at the next SGM which will be happening in the first week of term – giving me more […]

Website Accessibility Motion

21 March 2007

Website Accessibility is a big topic in Web Design at the moment, but what exactly does it mean?  Well, it’s about making sure a website can be seen and used by as many people as possible.  The main emphasis is on making sure that people with sight problems or problems using a mouse can still […]

Vote 07: Finally Over

17 March 2007

Well, what a night it was. The final result, expected at around 2am didn’t actually arrive till just before 6. We were aiming to be curled up in bed by about 3:30, but didn’t get in till 10. The evening started in controversy as certain (as yet unexplained) issues arose regarding the people counting the […]

Waterfront goes Xtreme

16 March 2007

Originally posted at Waterfront Online as part of their Vote 07 Election Night coverage. Its 5am and the Waterfront team are still here working away bringing you the latest as it happens. Of course, we’re not the only idiots still up on campus covering these elections. The wonderful Xtreme Radio 1431AM team are up and […]

At a loss

Originally posted at Waterfront Online as part of their Vote 07 Election Night coverage. Two results announced four more to go. The bar has been closed and I have nothing to do. For the first time tonight I am at a loss. James is busy copping and splicing the interviews with the winners and anyone […]

Swansea University: Vote 07

15 March 2007

The last week has been absolutely manic. Why? Because it has been the Swansea University Students’ Union Sabbatical Elections. Since last Thursday (8th March), the 30 candidates have been campaigning on and around campus. For the elections, the Waterfront plans to offer more coverage to the students than ever before – making full use of […]

Weekend Lectures

6 December 2006

This year, the Computer Science department at Swansea developed and organised a special module for a small selection of third years.  This special module – “Advanced Topics in Computer Science: Testing” – is a complete break away from traditional Computer Science style courses.  Unlike every other module I have taken over the past two and […]

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