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GDS: Completing our work to secure digital services

2 December 2016 on the GDS Technology Blog

In June we blogged about work we were doing to update our security guidelines for government digital services. Since then we’ve been busy working with teams across government to update services ready for the changes. Thank you to the teams that have made the necessary updates to their services so we can get these changes […]

GDS: Incident report – GOV.UK DNS outage

15 November 2016 on the Inside GOV.UK blog

This post is a report about 2 recent incidents on the GOV.UK website. We’re still working through our incident process, but due to the scale of these issues, we felt it was important to publish our report as soon as possible. This post covers 2 similar and related incidents: an intermittent outage of the GOV.UK […]

GDS: Updating our security guidelines for digital services

28 June 2016 on the GDS Technology blog

Back in 2012, GDS released some security guidelines for government services. Although we’re aware individual services have continually upgraded their own security practices, we’re now updating the guidelines to improve how we secure government services overall. We’ll be making 2 important updates to the guidelines that will take effect from 1 October 2016. If you […]