Things I meant to blog about

Dafydd Vaughan on 26 July 2009

I’m not quite sure where the past few weeks have gone, but quite clearly they’ve passed me by quickly. These are a few things I’ve wanted to blog about but haven’t had the time to write a decent entry. Normal service will resume shortly.

Karoo disconnects file sharers
Hull’s only internet provider – Karoo – has been disconnecting people accused of file sharing without the right to appeal. Although they’ve now changed their policy, as a monopoly provider, they have a greater responsibility to provide connections to all residents of hull.
Source: BBC News

Government departments are sticking with IE6
Aside from the fact that web developers (myself included) hate IE6 because of its complete lack of standards support, there are big concerns over its security. IE6 is over 8 years old and has been superseded by not 1, but 2 versions. Despite this, a number of Government departments/agencies (including MoD, DCSF and others) have no plans to upgrade to newer browsers.
Source: Kable

London – Swansea to be electrified
The train line between London and Swansea is to be electrified at last. Fantastic news for South Wales and about time it happened.
Source: BBC News

Publicising product recalls
Consumer Focus Labs has launched its first project (and several major revisions since). You can now sign up to receive notifications by email and RSS for product recalls from the EU.
Source: CF Labs Blog 1, CF Labs Blog 2