Designer’s block

Dafydd Vaughan on 21 December 2008

Last week I was busy trying to put together a new design website design for an important client at work.  As always, we were on a very tight deadline and it had to be completed the end of the next day.  I’d left work early so I could concentrate on the design without being distracted by the inevitable.  “Can you just make this quick change to…”, “Can you take a look at this…” and “This won’t take long, but could you…” things that take up most of my day.  I got home, made myself a cup of tea, sat down and… nothing.  Designer’s block hit me with a vengence.

No matter what I did, I couldn’t think of anything.

The next day, I came across an article on Spoonfed Design with tips on how to avoid designer’s block.  At least next time I suffer from the block, I can try and find a way around it.

In the end, I managed to put together a design I’m quite proud of – and hopefully it’ll see the light of day sometime over the next month or two.

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