DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper! Day 7

Dafydd Vaughan on 25 November 2008

This weekend I went along to a Developer Day at Microsoft’s campus in Reading.  The community-organised day concentrated on software development using Microsoft’s .NET Framework.  However, unlike conferences such as PCD and Mix, there were no Microsoft technologists in sight.  Instead, all the speakers were from members of the .NET development community.

During the day, there were five sessions, each with four talks on different subjects, from building a scalable web application and server virtualisation, to ASP.NET MVC and how to develop .NET on Linux.

Unfortunately, due to the limited amount of time, it wasn’t possible for me to go to all of the talks; but luckily, each one was filmed for us to watch online later.  The day was really worth the early start to get to Reading.  I came away with lots of useful information that we can utilise to make the products we produce better, and a very good insight into the way the platform is going to progress over the next 12 months.

The organisers did a fantastic job getting everything sorted for the event and making sure it all went so smoothly.  Microsoft was also great for hosting the event, providing tonnes of free food and drink and looking after us all day.

This was the first technology event I’ve been able to go to – but definitely won’t be the last.  I’ve already bought my ticket for Future of Web Apps (FOWA) taking place in Dublin next March.  I’d also recommend that anyone interested in .NET development look out for tickets for next year’s developer day.

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