Dafydd Vaughan on 7 June 2007

Speed rollercoaster at OakwoodNow exams are over, its finally time to relax (if thats what you call it!). A group of us went to Oakwood today (Gareth, Helen, Mark, Ian, Sarah, James, Sean, Charlie, Rhian and Arie). The weather was pretty good – not too hot but not overcast either which made a change.

Had a really good day, tried out some new rides that weren’t there last time I went or didn’t have the courage to go on. Their brand new ride – Speed – drops you vertically down (in fact, it curls back on itself so its more than vertical), spins you around upside down etc (photo on the left). Normally this wouldn’t be my kind of thing, but I decided to go on it. Absolutely fantastic – loved the adrenaline rush! Also had a go on Hydro – got absolutely drenched.

Anyway, lots more to do over the next few days – got Sarah’s goodbye party tomorrow (Friday), SUCS beach party (Saturday), a meeting on with Crickhowell Resource & Information Centre about a new website (Monday) and the 2007 Summer Ball (Wednesday).

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