Waterfront goes Xtreme

Dafydd Vaughan on 16 March 2007

Originally posted at Waterfront Online as part of their Vote 07 Election Night coverage.

Dafydd Vaughan - Waterfront Web EditorIts 5am and the Waterfront team are still here working away bringing you the latest as it happens. Of course, we’re not the only idiots still up on campus covering these elections. The wonderful Xtreme Radio 1431AM team are up and are just as busy (asleep) in the studio next door as we are here.

For anyone who’s been listening into the election show, you will have just heard the Waterfront team take over the radio. Will Xtreme be taking over the Waterfront by the end of the night? Only time will tell.

President counting is still ongoing. Get the result here at Waterfront Online and Xtreme Radio.

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