Dafydd Vaughan on 15 October 2006

My Bed covered in books and printoutsI’ve been having a lot of fun this weekend.  I’ve had a 20 page initial document for my dissertation on Web Services to write.  I’m still not there, but I’m getting close.  It is actually a quite nice topic to research (especially since it directly relates to my job and what I want to do when I leave university).  Unfortunately, it means my room has descended into absolute chaos.  I daren’t go to bed tonight because my bed is completely covered in books and pieces of paper (yes, even though I am a computer scientist, I still like good old pen and paper!).

The 15 pages or so I have written so far contain an unbelievable number of acronyms – it seems to be a thing in comp sci now that everything is made into an acronym.  For those that are interested, here are some of the acronyms that are appearing in my initial document: .NET, COM, CORBA, DCOM, HTML, HTTP, IIOP, IP, RMI, SMTP, SOAP, TCP/IP, UDDI, URL, WSDL, XML and RPC.  Feel free to send me the meanings of these on a postcard (or comment).  I am sure that by the time I am finished the number of these will have increased dramatically!

Anyway, enough procrastination.  I’ll leave you with the picture of the chaos on my bed.


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