Waterfront is finally live

Dafydd Vaughan on 30 September 2006

Waterfront Online - the online version of Swansea\'s student newspaper!It’s been a very busy week. Last Friday I moved from home in Abergavenny to the new flat in Swansea. In the rush I forgot half of the stuff I meant to bring down, so next weekend I’ll be going back home to collect it all.

Unlike last year, I didn’t get much time to settle in before getting stuck into working – a few minutes after dumping my stuff into my room, James and I headed straight to the Media Centre at the uni to meet with the new editor of The Waterfront newspaper. For the next year, James and I are responsible for managing the new website that we have developed for the paper. Apart from actually building the website, our job also includes taking each issue of the paper as it is released, and putting it online. Earlier that week we discovered that a new edition was being released on Monday – in time for the start of fresher’s week.


That left us with 2 days to get the content from the paper onto the website, get the website ready to go live, and launch it. So that’s what we did. On Friday night there was a concern that we wouldn’t be able to get it done in time, but as you can probably tell from my last post, we made it. The new website went live – with the first edition of the waterfront fully loaded on at 9am on Monday.

Of course, as far as the public is concerned, the website is complete – but in reality it is far from it. We still have no ability to add articles to the database without using complicated SQL statements, and we still have no ability for users to contribute to the website. However, over the next few weeks, we are hoping to start addressing this issue (hopefully before the next issue is released on Friday!).

So that all our hard work doesn’t go to waste, take a look – www.waterfrontonline.co.uk and let me know what you think.

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