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Waterfront is finally live

30 September 2006

It’s been a very busy week. Last Friday I moved from home in Abergavenny to the new flat in Swansea. In the rush I forgot half of the stuff I meant to bring down, so next weekend I’ll be going back home to collect it all. Unlike last year, I didn’t get much time to […]

Introducing Project Metis

25 September 2006

This entry is a re-post of a blog posted on the “Project Metis” blog on the new Waterfront Online website – launched today (Monday 25th September) at 9 am. Welcome to the very first blog post on the new Waterfront Online website. This new blog will cover all the exciting changes that are happening to […]

Crappy Customer Service from Arriva

7 September 2006

Well yesterday evening had to have been the worse experience of customer service from Arriva Trains Wales I have ever seen – it almost beats the fun I had with Orange last year when getting my contract renewed. The evening started off very well with a meal and few drinks with the guys from work. […]


1 September 2006

Yup, yesterday was my 20th birthday (very scary). I can no longer blame things on being a moody teenager. Damn!! Unfortunately I was in work yesterday so most of the day was spent like any other, but when I got home; I found out that my sister Megan was cooking me an absolutely gorgeous 3 […]

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