Film Crew Madness

Dafydd Vaughan on 5 April 2006

As i mentioned in my last blog post, we had the film crew from Cheese and Crackers here yesterday.  Andy (producer), Jon Slattery (presenter), Ollie (camera man) and Jamie (sound guy) arrived around midday.  After taking a few panoramic shots of the current state of the building, I was given a wireless microphone and had to do an interview with the presenter, giving my opinions on the development so far. The crew then filmed the rain water tank being buried and conducted some interviews with dad.  The day was finished off with Jon being filmed (took 15 takes!) and then a brief trip up to the top of the valley to get some scenery shots.

As always, the film crew spent most of the day taking the piss out of each other and generally having a good time.  Jon and Andy seem to bounce off each other, winding each other up.  Andy is hyperactive anyway, but when paired with Jon, he is like a little kid.  It always makes for a very fun and entertaining day.

Building Update

Well despite the film crew being here causing havoc, quite a lot of work was done yesterday.  The new utility room and downstairs toilet has been plastered from top to bottom, and the rain water tank has been successfully installed in the garden (after the 8ft hole was dug yesterday).  The electrician has also been in installing some extra lights and sockets in the extension.  On top of that, we’ve also had visits from the architect  – Jan Milsom (Milsom Architects) and the manager of the building company Bill Owen (Owen Construction).

Today the hallway linking the new bedrooms to the existing house was plasterboarded, the ensuite was partially plastered, the pipework connecting the rainwater tank to the house was put in place and the wall between the house and the new hall way was partially demolished.

The media section of the website has some new photos showing the progress of the extension.

Thats all for now.

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