Building sites, film crew, national tv and me

Dafydd Vaughan on 4 April 2006

What a strange title you may think, but there is a logical reasoning behind it:

  • i am currently living on a building site
  • the film crew is here today
  • the first episode of the series was shown on national tv last night
  • me – well, no explanation is needed here

Building Site

For those that don’t know already, we are having an extension built at home.  The new extension will contain 2 bedrooms, an ensuite bathroom, a new lounge, double garage and a balcony.  The existing house is also being altered to provide a new utility room, downstairs bathroom, refitted kitchen and study.  All of this makes for one fun time here in Govilon.  After over a year of organising, planning disputes and meetings with architects, the work began in late September with the demolition of our existing double Garage.  This was followed in October by several months of chaos while the contractors – Owen Construction – cleared the ground, laid the foundations, built the shell of the extension, fitted the underfloor heating, fitted the electrics and all other things that needed to be done to bring us to the current stage of development.

So what is the current stage of development?  Well, as we speak, Owen Construction is plasterboarding the final stud wall, they are plastering the utility room and digging the humongous hole for the rainwater tank (more about this later).  The upstairs of the house is nearly completed – all that is left to do is plaster the new hall way, have the electricians put the finishes in place, fit the ensuite, paint the bedrooms and put down the carpet.  The new utility room / bathroom is nearly finished as well with the cabinets still to fit, the toilet / sink to be installed and the wall / floor coverings to be done.  I won’t go near the downstairs yet which is nowhere near completion.  While all this may seem alot, it won’t actually take that long, and is about a weeks work at most.

Film Crew

My parents – never being ones to make things simple – have a film crew involved in the build.  Just before work began, our architects were contacted by a production company called “Cheese and Crackers”.  They were looking for projects that were about to commence and where big changes were being made that could be filmed for a new tv series called “Designer Homes”.  Our architects (Milsom Architects) approached my parents and asked if they would like to be film, to which they agreed.  After a number of sessions with the producer Andy and the Assistant Producer Jules, it was agreed that we would be filmed.  Several filming sessions have taken place since then, and the film crew are arriving later to get some new footage.

National TV

The first episode of the TV series aired last night on Discovery Real Time (DRT).  Each project comprises of 2 TV episodes, each half an hour long.  DRT showing both episodes back to back, which means in 4 weeks time, our episodes will be on (scary).  For anyone that wants to watch, tune into Discovery Real Time at 10pm (or DRT+1 at 11) – details on how to get Real Time at


I’ll post an update later on once the film crew have finished their manic day of work!

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