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Weekend Lectures

6 December 2006

This year, the Computer Science department at Swansea developed and organised a special module for a small selection of third years.  This special module – “Advanced Topics in Computer Science: Testing” – is a complete break away from traditional Computer Science style courses.  Unlike every other module I have taken over the past two and […]

Gregynog 2006

30 November 2006

As you may have noticed, my blog has been rather neglected recently. This is because I’ve been completely snowed under with work including several pieces of coursework, weekend lectures and the 24th Annual Computer Science Colloquium in Gregynog. For those that don’t know, the Comp Sci department at Swansea organise a trip to Gregynog in […]


15 October 2006

I’ve been having a lot of fun this weekend.  I’ve had a 20 page initial document for my dissertation on Web Services to write.  I’m still not there, but I’m getting close.  It is actually a quite nice topic to research (especially since it directly relates to my job and what I want to do […]

Waterfront is finally live

30 September 2006

It’s been a very busy week. Last Friday I moved from home in Abergavenny to the new flat in Swansea. In the rush I forgot half of the stuff I meant to bring down, so next weekend I’ll be going back home to collect it all. Unlike last year, I didn’t get much time to […]

Introducing Project Metis

25 September 2006

This entry is a re-post of a blog posted on the “Project Metis” blog on the new Waterfront Online website – launched today (Monday 25th September) at 9 am. Welcome to the very first blog post on the new Waterfront Online website. This new blog will cover all the exciting changes that are happening to […]

Crappy Customer Service from Arriva

7 September 2006

Well yesterday evening had to have been the worse experience of customer service from Arriva Trains Wales I have ever seen – it almost beats the fun I had with Orange last year when getting my contract renewed. The evening started off very well with a meal and few drinks with the guys from work. […]


1 September 2006

Yup, yesterday was my 20th birthday (very scary). I can no longer blame things on being a moody teenager. Damn!! Unfortunately I was in work yesterday so most of the day was spent like any other, but when I got home; I found out that my sister Megan was cooking me an absolutely gorgeous 3 […]

The Press and Anonymity

6 August 2006

I don’t normally comment on stuff like this, but in this case I am going to make an exception.  The question I have been contemplating is when does the press loose the right to research a person’s identity? This weekend I have been made aware that a national newspaper “the Sunday Times” has potentially destroyed […]

Designer Homes

27 April 2006

Just a quick entry to say that the transmission date has been set for our tv programme. Designer Homes Sunday 8th May 20:00 – Discovery Real Time (21:00 DRT+1) DH Episode 7 Bob and Sue want to extend their three bedroom semi and include environmentally friendly features such as rainwater harvesting and solar panels. DH […]

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